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Syrian refugees in Lebanon struggling with health needs

In 2011, the popular uprising against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad had major consequences, one of which is forcing millions of Syrians to flee the country. Lebanon, already struggling under....

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The Dark Reality for Women Migrants in Morocco

Morocco’s policy toward migrants is more generous than most, issuing work permits and refusing to evict undocumented refugees. But women in the country’s refugee camps are vulnerable to exploitation....

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Jordan tops list of refugee host countries in 2016

Jordan has topped a list of 10 countries that host more than half of the world’s refugees, according to an Amnesty International (AI) report released on Tuesday.  “Just 10 of the world’s 193....

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Light Eye Mind Gallery Takes a Look at Forced Migration

Incomplete Images, which closes 27 November, offers a different perspective on forced migration. The last two years have seen an unprecedented wave of forced migration, with conflict, instability....

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The man who serves up little smiles in Iraq's refugee camp

A popsicle and a smile might not be a substitute for a psychologist, but it makes the conditions more bearable for IDP children.   Sulaimania, Iraq - It's recess at the makeshift school in the....

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Call for papers: Migration Research Series Migrant Smuggling Dynamics and Impacts

Deadline for Submission: 15 December 2016 Send Papers to:   The IOM’s forthcoming Migrant Smuggling Data and Research: A global review of the emerging evidence base presents a unique review of what is being collected and what can be done to further build the evidence base on migrant smuggling globally. The report is the result of a collaboration between the IOM and researchers from a range of backgrounds and academic disciplines, and was supported by the Government of Turkey.   The report shows that important research has been undertaken on the transnational crime aspects of migrant smuggling, including on routes, smuggling organization (such as criminal networking and facilitation), smuggler profiles and fees/payment. Likewise, there is an emerging academic literature on migrant smuggling, particularly the economic and social processes involved in smuggling, which has largely been based on small-scale qualitative research, mostly undertaken by early career....

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What Does It Mean to Help One Family?

Wissam al-Hajj, a Syrian refugee, woke up in the most comfortable home she had ever lived in, an apartment growing increasingly stuffed with toys for her four children. She realized she had slept far....

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Stepping Over the Dead on a Migrant Boat

What a photographer saw when a rescue vessel went into action off the Libyan coast.

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Stories from the shores of Rashid

Why they took to the sea, how they survived and how some lost their loved ones

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About MENA Migration

Recent years have seen an increase in academic attention given to migration to, from and within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This is reflected in the quality research that is being produced and the interest and participation in events and dialogue in this field. However, partly due to the interdisciplinary nature of migration studies and partly due to linguistic barriers, the broad range of academics working in this field are not always as well connected as they are in other fields.

Drawing inspiration from the success of similar initiatives in science, social science, and humanities, this website aims to organize, build and stimulate the global knowledge base for issues relating to migration and the Middle East and North Africa region. It attempts this by providing researchers, academics, practitioners and other interested parties working in this area with a flexible blogging space and set of tools to allow easy information exchange between users.